STAMFORD, CT | CT Real Estate
 STAMFORD, CT | CT Real Estate

Whether your ideal home sits on the water, is surrounded by lush woods, requires quick access for commuting or you wish to be mid-city and central, Fairfield County is ideal and Stamford is unique in being able to offer it all! Many different neighborhoods, in a multitude of price ranges make up this dynamic, prospering city. Take a brief tour below and get a sense of the variety in the neighborhoods that this wonderful city is comprised of.

s h i p p a n

This sought after waterfront neighborhood has the privilege of being nestled on the shores of The Long Island Sound while also being host to lush green lawns on gracious properties. This close knit community is why Shippan residents never want to leave, allowing bragging rights to beautiful water views and beach access.

p e p p e r  r i d g e

Residents who live in the Pepper Ridge “neighbor”hood, also referred to as Newfield, are known to be proud of their reputation as being a warm, family friendly community. The sidewalks that border the manicured properties here, foster a welcoming haven where families can visit, residents can stroll as well as being closely situated to shopping and commuter roads and rails.

n o r t h  s t a m f o r d

Upon exiting the Merritt Parkway and heading north, you will enter a world of stunning homes on splendid properties that mingle with a variety of smaller and mid-sized homes. This back country atmosphere affords privacy and peacefulness. With plenty of small ponds sprinkled throughout, water views and lush greenery combine to provide scenic views that stage a beautifully changing show with the seasons.

w e s t  s i d e

The West Side holds the distinction of being one of Connecticut’s oldest sections. Many cultures and nationalities come together here, lending a healthy mix of and customs and flavors to this unique part of town. Convenient to I-95, Metro North, great restaurants and shopping, many families have long term connections here and are deep rooted in the community.

w a t e r s i d e

Near the Old Greenwich line lies Waterside, home to Dolphin Cove, luxury apartments and great restaurants. Convenient to Stamford’s dynamic downtown, Waterside is a short distance to I-95 as well as the Stamford and Old Greenwich Metro North stations.

h u b b a r d    h e i g h t s

Large gracious homes form a pleasing architectural landscape of this esteemed, older neighborhood. Strollers and dog walkers dot the streets of this welcoming community of proud homeowners. The close proximity to Stamford Hospital, E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course and Scalzi Park make this a very desirable place to live. A great mix of young families along with older established ones, have formed their own neighborhood association where they host annual get-togethers. Accessible roads shape the perimeter providing easy access to commuter roads and shopping.

s o u t h    e n d

Great, exciting plans are in the works for Stamford’s South End. Surrounded by water, this peninsula is convenient to I-95 and Metro North. The South End is undergoing gentrification, utilizing the funky style of the old Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company with exciting new projects underway. One of these highly anticipated projects will be the arrival of Fairway Market with its familiar motto “like no other market.” This cherished specialty food market is showing its faith by taking advantage of the revitalization and building a 50,000 square foot store slated to open sometime around 2011. Developers also have plans for 80+ acres of the former Pitney Bowes and Northeast Utilities tracts with 4000 soon to be built housing units and commercial development. Public access to the harbor will be an advantage along with new parks. Nearby Canal street is playing host to local artists and antiques dealers.

m i d – c i t y

Private homes, townhomes, apartments and high-rises combine to offer a large variety of living choices in Mid-city Stamford. The central location facilitates commuting, shopping, dining and religious affiliation providing easy access to all. With choices in many price points, it’s a popular option to many people first moving to Stamford as well as long time residents who covet convenience and like to be in the center of it all.

t h e  c o v e

Fondly referred to as The Cove, residents brought up in this very family oriented neighborhood tend to never leave. There are many reasons to love The Cove, but the jewel in the crown is Cove Island Beach, an oasis amid city living. This valuable commodity, lying adjacent to The Long Island Sound, is a bustling hub, always full of life with scenic walking, biking and rollerblading trails. Expanses of open lawns are inviting to play frisbee on or soak up the sun. The many shaded areas offer a popular choice for barbeques, sending forth delicious aromas and a fun atmosphere. There are also twin ice rinks and softball fields to complete the venue. Not to be left out, The Cove is also home to Wallack’s Point, an exclusive, gated enclave on the shore with magnificent views and homes.

e a s t s i d e

This developing community is close to both Cummings Beach and Cove Island Park as well as great restaurants and shopping . The newly implemented Urban Transitway puts Metro North minutes away allowing quick , easy access for commuters. I-95 is also a very short hop. Residents who live here care very much about their neighborhood and its vitality. Beautification days, yogathons & coat drives are just some of the activities staged throughout the year. The East Side also has its own website, as well as its own off-leash dog park and related website

g l e n b r o o k

Located on the eastern border of Stamford, Glenbrook has so much to offer by way of convenience, accessibility, friendly neighborhoods and great stores and restaurants. Consisting of single family homes as well as condominiums and co-ops, Glenbrook is almost like its own little town, with its own designated post office. In fact, many residents will use Glenbrook, CT as their mailing address. Glenbrook also has its own Metro North stop, a valuable commodity to commuters. An attractive array of Colonials, Cape Cods and Queen Anne style homes are some of the architecture you will encounter.

b e l l t o w n

Adjacent to Springdale and Newfield lies Belltown, a stretch of tidy, modest homes with an additional enclave off Overbrook Drive. Belltown has its own little downtown area with mom and pop stores and a fire station dedicated not only to protecting its residents, but embracing a community spirit. For a nominal fee, they will open up their firehouse for children?s parties and give them the opportunity to tour the station and interact with the trucks and hoses. The Belltown Firehouse is a very special place known throughout the city and is a vital part of the community it serves.

s p r i n g d a l e

With its own cinema, library, skating rinks and Metro North spur, it’s no wonder Springdale is a popular area to settle in and patronize. With its huge variety of stores and restaurants, Hope Street is a magnet for shoppers, diners and pedestrians, giving a small town feel to this vibrant part of town. The well maintained homes are a mix of modest and mid-sized properties with families who grew up there choosing to raise their families here as well.

d o w n t o w n

There is so much vitality in downtown Stamford, you will never run out of things to do and places to go. From the Rich Forum to The Palace Theatre, Stamford Symphony and cinemas the city is bursting with entertainment venues. Trump Tower is the newest addition to the housing market with its premium units, aerial views and luxury services, but there is also a large mix of apartments and condos in several price ranges to choose from as well. Downtown aligns itself with a culture catering to the arts as well as a sought after hub with a blend of very popular, unique restaurants, clubs and stores, all within walking distance. The Stamford Town Center is a recently renovated upscale mall with great new additions and restaurants. The area has its own unique Downtown Special Services District or DSSD. This hospitable team of ambassadors are a welcome sight in their bright yellow shirts riding bicycles and offering directions or assistance to anyone in need. The DSSD also brings a series of poplular live concerts to Columbus Park during the summer months. As a special bonus, each year there are artistic art forms on selected street corners created by local artists. These special exhibits always induce smiles and add whimsy and charm to what might otherwise be considered a staid business-like environment. Their fun and unusual presence help make Stamford a magnet for both businesses and residents alike.

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